Bio Desaru Sdn. Bhd. has been given the task of developing Bio Desaru into fully integrated, all embracing agro-biotech food production centre.

It will accelerate growth in agro related areas, through a number of strategic thrust and program, with emphasis on an innovative approach bringing together nature, commerce, modern science and technology to create a highly distinctive development feature with bio-security as its thrust of inception.

To intensify efforts in strengthening the food value chain through extensive and effective application of modern technology in commercialization forming, with due focus on bio-security / bio-safety and eco-conservation in order to:

  • Enhance the agro-biotechnology growth via smart partnership with the private sector;

  • Expedite the development and promotion of sustainable industrial-scale agriculture through effective and extensive employment of modern, innovative and green technology;

  • Accelarate the development of high impact, research to farm and value added farm cultivation as part of the government effort to transform the agriculture sector to becoming one of the main thrusts of growth.
  • Encourage commercial-scale farming & development of niche areas for farming of premium speciality crops.

  • Promote controlled agents and technology for extensive use to increase yield & value.

  • Selection of seeds that is resistant to pest attack and disease.
  • Generate variety intensive feedlots forming system for premium livestock including swiftlets, doper and organic poultry.

  • Application of advanced technology such as generic engineering & embryo transfer to achieve high value agriculture, livestock and aquaculture produce.

  • Extensive application of Beneficial Microbes Technology to control and recycle solid waste.
  • Promote industrialized aquaculture & algae-culture, with commercial application of modern biotechnology to increase productivity and quality.

  • Import of hatchery or breeding technology for fish and new class of aquatic species.

  • Rearing of high value species, with emphasis on size and quality.
  •  Strengthen position as a premier destination for tourist seeking healthy lifestyle and home stay vacation.

  • Creation of eco-friendly recreation haven with low rise chalets, rock house, paddy field-to be one with nature.

  • Setting up of fishermen wharfs, food parks, garden sing herbs in landscaping to create an aromatheraphy.

  • Applying the concept of a holistic & healthy lifestyle - a total life changing experience of healthy living, eating and exercising.

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