Perimeter Drain

A “Moat-like” drain is build around the perimeter of the swiftlet premises to act as a deterrent for small crawling animal or insects from entering to the premises.



Flowering Fruit Trees & Plants

Swiftlets will be attracted to fruit trees and plants during the flowering season because it also attracts insects which is also the food for swiftlets.

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing to act as security for the farm and to prevent unwelcome animals to the farm.

Play Features

Built to attract passing interact with one another.

Control Room

To monitor the comfortable flight path of the swiftlets and its overall living condition.



Pest Control

Using the state of art biotechnology natural plant extract insects repellant and effective microbes to control harmful pests.

Swiftlet Sounds

Using swiftlet garden effective internal and external sounds to attract swiftlets to play and set up their homes in the farm



Periodic Maintenance

A dedicated team of maintenance staffs specifically for the upkeep and hygiene of the swiftlet farm.

RFID Track & Trace

Create international standards to improve visibility, quality and reliability of product exports. Reduce and avoid counterfeiting and  adulteration.